Acroud reveals 21% revenue jump in the year’s first half

  • Friday 12 August, 2022
Acroud reveals 21% revenue jump in the year’s first half

Acroud has published its financial analysis examining the first half of the year and has revealed strong growth.

The affiliate company Acroud has recently published its financial review covering the second quarter and the first half of the year. One of the main highlights of the document is a healthy 21% revenue uptick recorded over the course of the first half of the year.

Starting with the first quarter, the corporation disclosed a revenue figure of 7.2 million euros, which is a 16% jump compared to 6.2 million euros from the same period last year. EBITDA was up by quite a bit, now at 1.8 million euros as opposed to last year’s 1.15 million, a 55% increase. Adjusted EBITDA was up as well, from 1.5 million euros to 1.8 million euros.

Furthermore, the company experienced a massive bump in profit after taxes, as they made 1.25 million euros instead of last year’s loss of almost 270 thousand. Earnings per share is the other number that went back into the positives, as after dilution the figure is sitting at 1 cent, in contrast to last year’s negative 0.2 cents.

Lastly, the two final statistics reported from the quarter are new customers and cash flow from operations. The number of new customers rose by 20% to over 35 thousand, while operating cash flow is the only one that took a hit of about 25%, going down from just about 2 million euros to under 1.5 million.

Moving on to the figures representing the first six months of the year, the first one is our headline number. At 14 million euros, the firm’s revenue grew by over 20 percent from last year’s 11.8 million euros. EBITDA saw similar increases as the second quarter’s sum, rising by 56% year-over-year to 4 million euros. Adjusted EBITDA was recorded at 3.6 million, up from the previous statistic of 3 million.

Profit after tax was 2.4 million euros, a stark contrast to last year’s figure of 480 thousand. Diluted earnings per share experienced a massive jump of almost 5 times, now at almost 2 cents per share in place of 0.4 cents. The new customers statistic grew in the half by 12%, currently sitting at 68.7 thousand. Lastly, cash flow was recorded at just shy of 3 million euros.

After finishing up with the numbers, the business mentioned a few important events that took place in the year, the most noteworthy one being the securement of over 21.5 million euros (225 million Swedish Kronas) in financing from senior bonds. The refinancing provided the firm with a cash injection and helped them ensure the completion of their goals in case of uncertainties in the industry.

At last, the company stated that they are very pleased with their performance so far this year, and are looking forward to completing their objectives and fulfilling their strategies in the upcoming months.