Aircash signs a new partnership with Novibet

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Aircash signs a new partnership with Novibet

Aircash has entered into a strategic collaboration with Novibet, a well-established gaming technology firm with a strong presence across Europe, the Americas, and New Zealand.

The beginning of the year has seen Aircash gaining significant momentum, marked by a series of new agreements and strategic partnerships, consolidating its role as a leading force in the industry.

Leveraging this momentum, the partnership with Novibet propels Aircash into an exciting phase of expansion and innovation. Aircash holds the prestigious status of being a Licensed Electronic Money Institution in the EU.

Acknowledged by the European Banking Authority and certified as an official Mastercard EU Issuer, Aircash also operates as a regulated financial entity in Switzerland under the supervision of the Swiss SRO.

Mark Watts, Aircash igaming executive director, said:

The alliance forged with Novibet underscores Aircash’s dedication to innovation and worldwide growth. With a strong emphasis on the Greek market this year, this partnership seamlessly aligns with our mission to provide state-of-the-art financial solutions to users within the region.