Anti-grey campaign launched by STS and Fortuna

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Anti-grey campaign launched by STS and Fortuna

Poland’s two bookmaking firms under regulation, STS and Fortuna could merge in the scope of launching an antigrey market initiative with the catchphrasePlay Legally.”

As a component of this initiative, sponsored football teams will wear special tshirts during matches to reinforce thePlay Legallymessage. Additionally, it will be shown also on the surrounding screens.

Play Legallyad will be in effect from May 1215. Alongside this, within the 32nd lap of the Ekstraklasa, a countrywide ad with the phrase will be streamed. These concerted efforts have a target on highlighting the concerning rise of the grey market within Poland’s bookmaking industry.

Mateusz Juroszek, President at STS, stated that the goal of the coordinated advertisement which has a purpose to increase the awareness of the crucial problem that all legal bookmaking businesses face, namely the ongoing enlargement of the gray gambling market. He is thankful to the government, that took specially dedicated measures against unregistered businesses in Poland but finds them to be insufficient.

Konrad Komarczuk, Chief at Fortuna, expressed his belief that adopting more openminded and licit rulesalike to the ones implemented in most EU countrieswould lead to a thriving bookmaking sphere in Poland. As a result, licit betting businesses and organizations such as sports leagueswhich collect millions of dollars annually through sponsorship deals with bookmaking companieswould both see increased profits.