Atlas-IAC represents its transformation to Atlaslive

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Atlas-IAC represents its transformation to Atlaslive

In May 2024, Atlas-IAC embarked on a transformative journey, emerging as Atlaslive, the vibrant hub of iGaming innovation.

Guided by the expertise of the Banda agency, this evolution signals more than just a change in name and appearance; it reflects a dynamic shift mirroring the rapid growth and technological prowess of Atlaslive within the bustling iGaming landscape.

In today’s ever-evolving technological sphere, stagnation is not an option. Atlaslive embodies this ethos, embracing the concept of “live” to signify the pulsating vitality of its cutting-edge solutions. This rebranding echoes the company’s commitment to staying attuned to the dynamic rhythms of the industry.

Maxim Slobodyanyuk, CEO of Atlaslive, expresses his excitement for the company’s transformation, stating:

We are thrilled to unveil Atlaslive. Our belief is that the most effective technology is alive, dynamically adapting to the needs of its users. Our rebranding represents a significant milestone as we evolve alongside our global partners. At Atlaslive, our mission is clear: to lead the iGaming industry with innovative solutions that not only enhance the gaming experience but also prioritize effectiveness, profitability, responsibility, and intelligence. Our dynamic platform is more than just a tool; it’s a living entity that enriches every interaction, reflecting our unwavering dedication to excellence.

With a steadfast focus on innovation and excellence, Atlaslive is poised to redefine the standards of the iGaming realm. Upholding principles of trustworthiness, scalability, adaptiveness, and security, Atlaslive promises an enriching and responsible gaming experience for all. Join us on the forefront of innovation with Atlaslive.

Atlas-IAC, an already established B2B, popular for its great online sportsbook software and led by a group of distinguished experts, operates primarily from European development offices. The core stre...