AvatarUX introduces new cascading mechanic in GemPops

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AvatarUX introduces new cascading mechanic in GemPops

AvatarUX, a well-known in the industry slots game developing studio, has introduced an innovative mechanic in its latest title, GemPops.

The reel height changes at the beginning of each spin, starting at three and going up to seven positions. Every reel also has a multiplier, and this multiplier rises with each win of a symbol. The multiplier kicks in during the base game when the reel hits its highest point. A departure from the traditional ‘popping’ into empty cells observed in the well-known PopWinsTM linked with AvatarUX, the Popscade mechanism makes all winning symbols in a combo vanish and fresh symbols tumble down from the elevated reel.

It takes 3+ diamond bonus symbols to start the free spins mode. The Gamble Wheel can be used by players in this mode to perhaps win more spins and a greater starting multiplier.

Within the bonus round, Xpops may activate, resulting in symbols popping randomly from one to four times. Special bombs landing on the reel can unlock up to three additional spins.

Nicola Longmuir, Chief Executive at AvatarUX, mentioned:

Our team is overjoyed to introduce GemPops, featuring thrilling new mechanics that delve into enlarged spins and expanded paylines with each spin. Our commitment is to craft captivating, advanced gaming content, mechanics, and suggestions, and GemPops exemplifies the progress we are making as a slot studio.

The accompanying multiplier moves to the overall multiplier when a reel hits its highest level during free spins, growing the likelihood of winning. GemPops offers an option to Buy Bonus and Ante Bet in some jurisdictions, which helps to boost the involvement of players.

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