Aviatrix extends its presence in Asia with QTech Games

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Aviatrix extends its presence in Asia with QTech Games

Aviatrix, a critically acclaimed crash game that incorporates innovative NFT-based loyalty mechanics, has recently become accessible through QTech Games as part of a significant distribution agreement.

This strategic partnership aims to expand the title’s presence in the new Asian markets as well as other locations.

Through the QTech platform, Aviatrix will be smoothly integrated into the title offerings of QTech Games’ casino companions, providing users with easy access to this captivating gaming experience. This collaboration represents a significant achievement for Aviatrix, as it continues its impressive growth trajectory. In May alone, the game garnered an impressive player base, with nearly 250K monthly active users having fun with the thrilling gameplay globally.

The Chief Executive at Aviatrix, Vladislav Artemyev mentioned:

Aviatrix stands as a rapidly expanding casino title globally, and the collaboration with QTech Games will show this popular title to fresh audiences, especially in the Asian market. By partnering with QTech’s casino companions, the title will reach users in new markets, offering them an unparalleled and distinctive gaming experience within the realm of online casinos. Our team is dedicated to tirelessly enhancing Aviatrix with exciting new tools and functions in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

The CCO at QTech Games, Daniel Long mentioned:

The launch of this well-timed title marks a resounding success for the advanced Aviatrix team, brilliantly designing the spirit of the moment with its captivating crash mechanics and highly sought-after NFT features. As a result, it becomes a valuable supplement to QTech Games’ fast-moving crash game library, offering audiences the chance to personalize their gaming practice by customizing game assets. Our commitment to delivering top-notch entertainment that boosts profit for our companions remains unwavering, and Aviatrix stands as one of the trailblazers, showing this exciting new model to casinos.

Aviatrix has garnered widespread acclaim for its engaging NFT-based mechanics, drawing audiences into a world of creativity and customization. Players have the unique opportunity to craft and personalize their in-house NFT aircraft, which they can then employ during play. An impressive milestone of over 300K NFT aircraft has been created by players so far, highlighting the title’s popularity and innovation.

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