Best Crypto Payment Providers in iGaming

Best Crypto Payment Providers in iGaming

In today’s iGaming landscape, crypto payment providers have emerged as a sought-after partners for online casinos. Despite being a relatively new concept, crypto payments have quickly gained popularity among operators. But what are the best providers in iGaming and what they can offer online casinos will be discussed below in this article.

Crypto payment providers are in demand in iGaming because they offer a lot of core advantages for online casinos. Firstly, they provide increased anonymity for players, as cryptocurrency transactions are generally more private compared to traditional payment methods.

Secondly, blockchain technology ensures secure transactions, reducing the risk of fraud or hacking. Thirdly, crypto payments enable players from any part of the world to participate in online gambling without being restricted by banking regulations or currency exchange rates.

Additionally, cryptocurrency transactions are usually faster and involve lower transaction fees compared to traditional banking methods, facilitating quicker deposits and withdrawals for players.

Best crypto payment providers

For operators seeking the finest iGaming crypto payment providers, we have curated a comprehensive directory encompassing the best companies. Whether you are entering the iGaming world for the first time or possess seasoned expertise, this article serves as a dependable and valuable resource to assist you in identifying the ideal top crypto payment providers tailored to your specific requirements.

1. MiFinity

mifinity tg.png

Based in Belfast, UK, Mifinity is a trustworthy payment gateway with a strong track record since its establishment in 2002. Offering support for 10+ cryptocurrencies and 15+ fiat currencies, its a versatile financial hub.

Mifinitys partnerships with over 50 other providers ensure fast and costeffective transactions. Compliance is a priority, with licenses from regulators like the FCA and Malta Financial Services Authority. Mifinity serves users worldwide, except in a few restricted jurisdictions.

Security is paramount, with regular audits, topnotch encryption, and strict authentication standards. KYC is mandatory, ensuring user accountability.

Innovation shines through eVouchers, allowing users to fund wallets securely. A robust referral program further incentivizes customers. Mifinitys reliability makes it a top choice for crypto users from all walks of life, including students, travelers, traders, and bettors.

2. CoinPayments

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CoinPayments is a versatile multicurrency crypto wallet designed to cater to individuals and businesses. Its primary focus lies in facilitating online payments rather than serving solely as an investmentoriented wallet.

This iGaming payment provider brings its users a broad selection of more than 2,300 digital currencies and tokens, ensuring they have numerous choices for securely storing their cryptocurrency assets.

One of its core functionalities is enabling merchants, especially those operating in the ecommerce sector, to effortlessly integrate cryptocurrency payments into their platforms. This feature empowers online retailers to accept the cryptocurrencies as forms of payment and retain their earnings in cryptocurrency, expanding their payment horizons.

CoinPayments caters to securityconscious customers by bringing robust protective measures, including the option of implementing 2FA for added account security.

CoinPayments goes beyond just storage and payment acceptance; it allows users to purchase cryptocurrencies directly within the application using their linked bank cards. Furthermore, it offers a convenient conversion tool for seamless inapp crypto exchanges, ensuring users have easy access to the cryptocurrency of their choice.

3. BitPay

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Another iGaming payment provider, BitPay was founded in May 2011, initially emerging as an exclusive Bitcoin payment service provider. Today, it has ascended to become the leading global crypto payment solution. With its headquarters in Atlanta, USA, BitPay extends its crypto payment services to both the USA and the UK, and it holds a multitude of licenses to comply with various regulatory frameworks in different US states.

BitPay empowers users to engage in transactions involving over 15 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. Moreover, it supports transactions in 8 fiat currencies. As a trailblazer in its field, BitPay is renowned for its usercentric website navigation and dependable assistance. The platform also offers exclusive blogs and comprehensive cryptocurrency guides to assist newcomers.

BitPay is highly esteemed for its robust security measures. It provides users with the option of enabling 2FA and employs SSL encryption to enhance the security of user data.

Furthermore, BitPay grants users the flexibility to tailor payouts to their needs, facilitating settlements for mobile pointofsale checkouts, establishing recurring billing arrangements, and generating invoices. This adaptability positions BitPay as an ideal iGaming payment gateway solution for casinos, catering to a wide range of financial requirements.

4. CoinsPaid

coinspaid tg.png

In the everevolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, Coinspaid stands as a beacon of innovation and trust. With a rich tapestry of features and services, it has carved a niche for itself in the crypto payment gateway realm. This financial trailblazer, born in 2014, has since been on a relentless mission to democratize digital currencies for all.

One of Coinspaids most remarkable attributes is its vast transaction support. Whether you want Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, or traditional fiat currencies like USD, CAD, GBP, or EUR, Coinspaid has you covered. Its a convergence point where crypto enthusiasts of all levels unite. Instant deposits and withdrawals are what businesses get, plus, zero commissions for all crypto transactions.

But Coinspaid doesnt just stop at convenience; its a guardian of privacy too. While many competitors demand your bank details, Coinspaid offers the elusive cloak of anonymity. Its a realm where transactions remain discreet, and user data is safeguarded with utmost diligence.

Coinspaids reach extends far and wide, serving a vast ecosystem of over 1100 merchants. As of 2021, it had operated cryptocurrency transactions worth a staggering 5 billion dollars. Such an achievement doesnt just make it a leader; its the indisputable champion of crypto payment gateways. Its the goto choice for businesses, gaming platforms, and anyone venturing into the captivating world of crypto transactions.

5. Match2Pay

match2pay tg

With its headquarters in Lithuania, Match2Pay UAB conducts business as an authorised provider of digital currency wallets and exchanges. The system was created by Match-Trade Technologies in 2018 in response to the growing demand for cryptocurrency payments from consumers. Since then, it has gone through constant development and improvement.

Emphasizing security and regulatory compliance, Match2Pay makes sure businesses can process crypto payments with confidence. Regulatory oversight by Match2Pay UAB guarantees adherence to rigorous standards, instilling an additional layer of trust and credibility for businesses. Supporting a variety of cryptocurrencies, Match2Pay enables iGaming enterprises to suggest diverse payment options to their users. For those without existing crypto holdings, direct purchases can be made through credit cards or wire transfers. Fiat-crypto methods are also available through third-party suppliers seamlessly integrated into their payment interfaces.

Customers gain from having access to 24/7 technical assistance via numerous messaging platforms, which does away with the necessity for a ticketing system. Every company has a dedicated account manager who provides individualised support and direction based on their unique requirements.

6. CryptoProcessing

cryptoprocessing tg

CryptoProcessing, the premier crypto payment provider and CoinsPaid brand, specializes in delivering crypto payment gateway to the B2B sector. With a wealth of experience and a clientele exceeding 800 across diverse industries including iGaming, empowers online casinos to seamlessly accept cryptocurrencies from their customers in a cost-effective way.

Casinos can enjoy an array of advantages including decreased processing fees, streamlined checkout experiences, anti-fraud measures, a remarkable 99% acceptance rate, and a huge user base. The service suggests a diapason of payment options adaptable to any business model and payment requirements. Leveraging a user-centric approach and unwavering dedication to mutual success, CryptoProcessing stands as an invaluable ally for online casinos looking for effortless crypto acceptance and industry-specific insights.

The platform features transparent pricing structures devoid of hidden fees, with integration offered at no cost. Clients benefit from personalized management assistance and round-the-clock support as standard at CryptoProcessing. Moreover, the service accommodates a diverse range of more than 20 crypto and 40 fiat currencies, enabling users to swiftly convert crypto to fiat with seamless withdrawal options directly to their bank accounts.

Main benefits of integrating crypto payment method in online casinos

The iGaming industry encounters numerous payment-related challenges, and  cryptocurrencies present distinct attributes that effectively tackle these issues, rendering them an ideal choice for the iGaming sector.

  • Heightened Security: An eminent advantage of employing cryptos in iGaming lies in their heightened security. Conventional payment mechanisms, like credit cards and bank transfers, remain susceptible to breaches by hackers and cybercriminals, imperiling the personal and financial data of players. In stark contrast, cryptocurrencies employ cutting-edge encryption techniques to safeguard withdrawals and deposits and preserve anonymity.
  • Expeditious Transactions: Another boon of integrating cryptocurrencies into iGaming is their swifter transaction times. Traditional payment methods often necessitate several days to complete processing, resulting in inconvenient delays for deposits and withdrawals. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, offer nearly instantaneous transaction speeds, granting players prompt access to their funds.
  • Reduced Fees: Traditional payment channels frequently burden users with high transaction fees, which can erode their winnings and discourage frequent financial transactions. Conversely, cryptocurrencies impose markedly lower transaction fees, rendering them a more lucrative option for both players and operators alike.
  • Global Accessibility: Traditional payment methods may be hampered by geographical and regulatory constraints, limiting the accessibility of iGaming platforms to a global audience. Cryptocurrencies, being decentralized and less subject to regulatory restrictions, foster greater accessibility for players from diverse corners of the world.
  • Anonymity: Digital currencies bestow a degree of anonymity that traditional payment means cannot replicate. While conventional methods mandate players to divulge personal and financial particulars, cryptocurrencies allow for discreet transactions, preserving player privacy and shielding their identity.
  • Access to a big selection of cryptocurrencies: Crypto casinos accept many well-known currencies, suggesting users a unique chance to gamble while potentially benefiting from the value appreciation of these digital assets. For individuals who already know how cryptocurrencies work, this versatility removes the necessity for converting currencies, making it more convenient. For enthusiasts, gaming at the best Bitcoin casino sites is a more straightforward and suitable option.

Comparing cryptocurrencies to traditional payment methods underscores the fact that cryptocurrencies offer a suite of distinctive advantages, making them an exceptionally well-suited choice for the iGaming industry.


Overall, the inclusion of crypto payment gateway represents a significant advantage for online casinos, enhancing accessibility, security, and efficiency for both operators and players alike. The crypto payment suppliers mentioned above are currently dominating the iGaming market and can be a good companion for your online casino platform.


Which is the leading crypto payment gateway?

The landscape of crypto payment gateways is continuously evolving in iGaming, many prominent iGaming companies choose CoinPayments, or Skrill, as well as BitPay. Note that its important to research and consider factors such as fees, supported cryptocurrencies, security, and customer support when choosing a crypto payment gateway for iGaming purposes. Checking the latest industry news and consulting with experts in the field for the most uptodate information on the leading crypto payment gateways in iGaming is recommended.

Is crypto a good payment method in iGaming?

Using cryptocurrency for payments in online gaming has both good and bad sides. Whether its a good choice depends on things like what the gaming platform likes, who their players are, and the rules they have to follow.