Bet365 extends deal with Stats Perform on Opta Data Feed

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Bet365 extends deal with Stats Perform on Opta Data Feed

In response to the increasing need from bettors, Bet365 is expanding its offerings to include player and team stats bets backed by Stats Perform‘s Opta data in a broader diapason of elite football games spanning many countries.

This expansion is possible through an enhancement in Stats Perform’s renowned Opta data feed, dedicated to reliable stats betting. It is already accessible to support stats bets for an extra 19 elite games, encompassing over 3K extra games annually.

This upgrade enables authorized sportsbooks to provide Opta-backed stats markets for about twice the previous coverage, encompassing a total of more than 7K games every year. This expansion not only fosters further growth but also adds excitement for bettors as they can now delve into detailed statistics for every shot, pass, and much more.

Lately, football wagering has experienced a revitalization thanks to the significant contribution and steady reputation of Opta, leading to the emergence of thriving stats markets, that have become a prominent element within popular betting strategies.

The Chief Betting Officer at Stats Perform, Andrew Ashenden mentioned:

Gathering and delivering Opta data for an extra 3,000 fresh games, meeting the exacting standards for seamless and dependable player stats wagering practices, represents the culmination of months of dedicated work by our proficient teams. This endeavor underscores our dedication to aiding casinos in their quest to advance and craft captivating, personalized offerings that resonate with their clientele. It is thrilling that bet365 has swiftly embraced these new matches in their offerings, acknowledging our shared goal. Our innovative Opta data has transformed football wagering, assisting sportsbooks to reach new users, innovate fun, and boost profits. It’s esteemed by top sportsbooks for modeling, managing, and trading markets, elevating the wagering practice. Our teams make us proud and thankful for companions such as bet365.

Stats Perform has implemented crucial elements for increased betting and trading confidence together with extended Opta data coverage. Sportsbook trading departments can improve customer satisfaction by optimizing trading operations for stats markets with the help of the Opta Trading Viewer.

Stats Perform is a software developer that aims to enhance sports betting using artificial intelligence technology. The company utilizes more than 140 AI algorithms created by their team of more than ...