BETBY strengthens Bad Hombre Gaming partnership

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BETBY strengthens Bad Hombre Gaming partnership

Betby, one of the top sports betting providers in the industry, has reinforced its partnership with Bad Hombre Gaming by launching multiple betting brands and having its AI-based sportsbook tools made available to all brands powered by the partnership.

Bad Hombre Gaming, a next-gen casino platform supplier specialising in crypto payments, utilizes Betby’s sportsbook platform and the Betby.Games eSports odds feed to power over 15 brands, with its brand portfolio further boosted with the launch of three further brands powered by the Betby sportsbook solution.

Christian Vuchev, Head of Operations at Bad Hombre Gaming said:

We are thrilled to deepen our enduring partnership with Betby, embarking on a new brand launch and integrating Betby’s cutting-edge AI Labs tools. These tools will enable Bad Hombre Gaming to elevate the betting experience with personalized features, anticipate and mitigate churn rates, and swiftly identify high-value players. Additionally, they will enhance operational efficiency by automating risk management, leading to faster detection of suspicious activities for our operators.

Chris Nicolopoulos, Chief Commercial Officer at Betby said:

The ongoing collaboration between Bad Hombre Gaming and Betby demonstrates Betby’s unwavering dedication to elevating partner performance through cutting-edge solutions in the sportsbook arena. Together, we have launched new brands and introduced our exclusive AI-driven sportsbook tools, underscoring our shared values and ambitions. As we continue to build upon this partnership, we anticipate further growth and mutual success in the future.

As Betby unveiled its groundbreaking AI-based sportsbook tools in London, Bad Hombre Gaming revealed plans to extend the deployment of these tools across its partner network. Dubbed “AI Labs” by Betby, these sportsbook tools prioritize churn and LTV prediction, bet recommendation, automation of risk management, and a prompt-driven BI Reporting system.

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