BETER LIVE to release an in-house promotions engine

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BETER LIVE to release an in-house promotions engine

BETER Live , the premier provider of top-tier live content to operators worldwide, is thrilled to introduce its dynamic bonus engine featuring two exhilarating additions, Bet & Get and Tournaments.

Bet & Get revolutionizes player interaction by offering a unique opportunity to wager and receive exclusive bonuses. Once the wagering requirements are met, players can convert their bonus funds into real cash, enhancing their gaming experience.

Flexibility is key, as BETER Live ensures that operators can tailor the feature to suit various player demographics, adjusting parameters such as bonus limits, wagering amounts, eligible games, and payout options.

Additionally, BETER Live introduces the captivating Tournaments feature, designed to boost player engagement and retention. Players are seamlessly enrolled in tournaments without the need for manual intervention. Operators enjoy unparalleled flexibility, setting parameters such as prize pools, promotion durations, point accumulation mechanisms, and terms and conditions.

Through gameplay, players accumulate points across a range of activities, ascending the leaderboard for a shot at lucrative prizes. The more points earned, the higher the potential rewards, further elevating the excitement of the gaming experience.

Anna Vikmane, Director at BETER Live, said:

At BETER Live, our commitment lies in consistently delivering products and experiences that enrich gameplay seamlessly. With the introduction of our bonus engine featuring Bet & Get alongside Tournaments, we’ve achieved just that. Our products offer unparalleled flexibility, empowering operators to tailor these new features precisely to their players’ preferences, ensuring experiences that resonate. Operators can delve deep into customization, offering bonuses tailored to specific player segments and orchestrating targeted promotions and tournaments. This level of customization sets us apart in the live gaming sphere, fueling the high demand for BETER Live.

Edvardas Sadovskis, Chief Product Officer at BETER Live, added:

We’ve created an in-house promotional engine enabling us to craft diverse promotional tools on our platform. The much-anticipated features, “Bet & Get” and “Tournaments,” were swiftly incorporated, signaling the beginning of a series of enhancements. Our partners appreciate the fully automated nature of our promotional features, from pop-up messages to prize payouts, ensuring a seamless user journey without disruptions. We’re dedicated to addressing every aspect of the user experience, guaranteeing uninterrupted gameplay. “Bet & Get” and Tournaments elevate engagement and excitement in our live games, setting them apart in the market. Kudos to the entire Beter Live team for significantly enriching our product with these features.