Betr to add core market offerings

  • Thursday 16 March, 2023
Betr to add core market offerings

Betr has recently announced that it will be adding pre-match and in-game wagering opportunities to its platform.

Through this latest announcement, one of the industry’s first micro betting-focused sportsbooks will be diversifying its offerings with zero-margin in-game and pre-match betting markets. This addition comes just in time for Betr’s users to be able to enjoy it during the 2023 NCAA tournament.

Our initial micro wagering-only launch had a couple of benefits for us. Firstly, by only offering micro betting, we were able to have a record-breaking founding to delivery timeframe, which in turn gave us more time on the market and allowed us to gather real-world data to improve our offerings with the feedback of our players. Secondly, we not only established ourselves as one of the industry’s top bookmakers to offer the unique wagering type but also proved our dedication to innovation and trying new ideas. After successfully achieving our goals, we are delighted to expand our offerings with new wagering opportunities that will appeal to a broader audience of bettors. Our technology partner, Simplebet, helped us immensely with this latest launch, which we are certain will deliver excellent results in the near future.

stated the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Betr, Joey Levy.

Betr’s latest launch comes at a time of rapid expansion at the company, as it recently entered Ohio and is currently preparing to launch its offerings in Virginia and in the recently opened regulated mobile wagering market of Massachusetts. Betr’s users will be able to place their bets on both Android and iOS devices through the firm’s official application.