Betway assists in Twain Sport’s debut in Africa

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Betway assists in Twain Sport’s debut in Africa

Twain Sport is going to be debuting in Africa thanks to a partnership with Betway.

Through this partnership the innovative hybrid sports vertical is going to be live in Betway’s major African markets, including South Africa. This will further increase its reach and get new bettors familiarized with the intriguing hybrid format.

Twain Sport aims to combine the good aspects of live sports and instant entertainment to please the younger generations of players, who are already quite fond of the firm’s unique approach. This collaboration will greatly increase the operator’s engagement and retention statistics, especially in the aforementioned younger groups of players.

As the African iGaming market is rapidly growing and the demand for live sports is skyrocketing, Twain Sport’s offerings are the ideal match for the market as they deliver a high frequency top-notch experience. We are certain that our main offering, T-basket and our upcoming T-kick are going to deliver excellent results with Betway. We could not have asked for a better partner than them, as they are one of the region’s most well-known and trustworthy online wagering brands.

commented the vice president of sales in the African region at BetGames, Twain Sport’s partner company, James Everett.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to launch Twain Sport’s innovative offerings on our platform. We are certain that our players will be quite fond of the unique sports format and it will quickly become a highly popular product.

remarked the head of marketing of Betway, Mark Rowles.