BGaming marks the Streamers Race with exciting twist

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BGaming marks the Streamers Race with exciting twist

BGaming, the leading iGaming content provider, has concluded its second Streamers Battle of 2023 with an unexpected twist. In a collaborative effort with Scatters Club and Casinolytics, this thrilling battle unfolded between the 17th and 30th of June, offering an astonishing $25,000 in prizes.

The latest installment of the series, known as Streamers Races, featured 18 talented participants who competed in a lineup of 20 captivating games. Among the titles included were popular favorites such as Book of Kemet, Soccermania, Gold Rush Johnny Cash, and Royal Highroad. Spanning across various countries, the event attracted streamers from Ukraine, Spain, Chile, Turkey, Greece, Hungary, and Andorra.

The tournament format required players to embark on an exhilarating quest within BGaming’s top games, with the goal of completing challenges within a strict 48hour timeframe. With fierce competition, a total of 13 skilled streamers emerged victorious, progressing to the final stage.

In a surprising turn of events, the excitement escalated as two players achieved an equal number of points, resulting in an additional battle on the 5th of July to determine the secondplace winner.

After an intense competition, the final victors were unveiled. MrBigSpin claimed the coveted firstplace position, securing a generous prize of $10,000. Ruben emerged as a formidable contender, clinching the secondplace spot with a welldeserved $4,000 reward. LordTreptuin showcased exceptional skills and landed in third place, walking away with a respectable $3,000 prize. Additionally, cash prizes were distributed among the streamers who secured positions up to the tenth place, contributing to a remarkable total prize pool of $25,000.

Throughout the thrilling event, spanning over 104 hours of captivating streams, the combined viewership surpassed an impressive count of 18,500, showing the immense popularity and engagement generated by the participating streamers.

Maksim Krotau, Streamers Relations at BGaming, mentioned:

Our team is thrilled by the ongoing success of the Streamers tourney series. In collaboration with Casinolytics and Scatters Club, we are excited to announce our sponsorship of four more significant events throughout the remainder of 2023. The Streamers Race held in June exceeded all expectations and provided an excellent platform to celebrate the amazing user and streamer community. We eagerly look forward to their return in August, anticipating another fantastic gathering.

The Event Manager at Scatters Club, Ellina Minkevich added:

The overwhelming popularity of our events since their launch in 2022 has surpassed all expectations. Witnessing the global streaming community unite to indulge in BGaming’s games and generate exciting content has been truly incredible. As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming months, we are thrilled to discover what the rest of the year has in store for us all.

Alongside the predetermined rewards for the top three positions, cash prizes were also distributed among the members of Scatter’s Club community, who participated in various bonus activities. The upcoming edition of Streamer Races, scheduled for August, will feature an enticing boost of $25,000.

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