Blask and BetBlocker Partner to Share Data for Promoting Responsible iGaming

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Blask and BetBlocker Partner to Share Data for Promoting Responsible iGaming

Blask, a top AI-driven analytics provider for the iGaming industry, has announced a data-sharing partnership with BetBlocker, a tool that helps users block online gambling sites. This collaboration aims to promote responsible gaming and support problem gamblers.

By sharing data on new market entrants, Blask will improve its analytics, while BetBlocker will enhance its support for problem gamblers. This partnership promises to reshape the iGaming landscape.

Max Tesla, CEO and co-founder of Blask, said:

We are thrilled to partner with BetBlocker in our mission to use technology to create a more ethical way of doing things within the iGaming industry. By combining our AI-driven technology with BetBlocker’s commitment to helping problem gamblers, we can truly make a difference in the industry by offering more comprehensive support to players.

Blask’s cutting-edge AI technology has fueled its rapid growth and success. The upcoming “marketing mix” feature will transform brand identification and tracking across multiple marketing channels, offering invaluable insights to industry stakeholders. By sharing this data with BetBlocker, Blask aims to foster a more transparent and accountable iGaming ecosystem.

Duncan Garvie, Founder and Trustee for BetBlocker, added:

One of the biggest challenges that BetBlocker faces in delivering and robust and effective block is identifying new operators as they launch. This is straightforward enough in mature markets with robust regulation. But identifying unlicensed operators is far more difficult. This data-sharing partnership with Blask gives us a new weapon in this fight. Their innovative AI technology will help us to identify gaps in our protections faster and as such provide stronger and more effective restrictions for our tens of thousands of users.

The partnership between Blask and BetBlocker signifies a major step forward in the iGaming industry’s dedication to responsible gaming. By combining their expertise and resources, both organizations are poised to make a lasting impact on individuals facing problem gambling, while also enhancing the overall health and sustainability of the industry.