Bragg secures nearly 9 million dollars of funding

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Bragg secures nearly 9 million dollars of funding

Bragg Gaming has recently entered into a 8.7 million dollar funding campaign with the help of Lind Global.

The multinational online gaming technology and media supplier Bragg Gaming Group has recently announced about their newest funding campaign taking place with the help of the investment firm Lind Global.

The group has declared that the funding will be utilized to enhance cash flow and revenue figures. The deal comes after the corporation reported a nearly 35% increase in gross income along with a number of other strong statistics that indicated growth.

Lind has had an excellent track record of successfully boosting businesses that are on a strong growth path. We are assured that our company will represent another success story, as we are set quite well to enact our strategic goals and keep our growth momentum. Additionally, our focus on growth in emerging and expanding markets such as the United States has shown to be quite successful for us as we have experienced a period of steady growth in EBITDA figures along with revenue figures and operating margins.

commented the chief executive of Bragg Gaming, Yaniv Sherman.

Bragg Gaming has shown a strong and rapid growth over the past months and have also shown an expansion in their footholds in various jurisdictions around the world. We are looking forward to working with their experienced team and giving them a boost to keep their excellent momentum going.

stated the managerial director of Lind Partners, the parent organization of the fund, Phillip Vallere.