Bulgaria to block 600 unlicensed casinos in the region

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Bulgaria to block 600 unlicensed casinos in the region

Bulgaria remains steadfast in its rigorous campaign against illicit casino activities. According to its most recent update, the National Revenue Agency (NRA), tasked with overseeing the sector, has successfully pinpointed and forbidden more than 600 unauthorized casinos during the Q4 of 2023.

In the recent crackdown, the NRA took decisive measures against platforms like 22bet, luckyhit, leon casino, etc. These platforms were found to operate without authorization from a specific jurisdiction, yet still facilitated Bulgarian individuals in registering and engaging in online games of chance.

Typically, gambling sites listed by the NRA as unlicensed casinos have to halt their operations within 3 days of the official announcement. Failure to comply may prompt the NRA to seek legal action, compelling internet service suppliers to block access to the casinos’ websites and all associated subdomains if they persist in allowing wagers beyond the stipulated period.

For transparency, the NRA’s determinations, as well as those of the Sofia Regional Court, are accessible on the regulatory body’s official website. The NRA diligently keeps and updates lists of both authorized and unauthorized casinos within the country.

To foster the industry free of unauthorized activities, consumers are encouraged to report any illicit gambling platforms to the NRA, playing an integral role in maintaining the integrity of the Bulgarian gambling landscape.