Bulgaria NRA prohibits self-excluded from working in casinos

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Bulgaria NRA prohibits self-excluded from working in casinos

Bulgaria’s National Revenue Agency (NRA), the governmental body responsible for overseeing gambling activities, has issued a directive to gambling companies, compelling them to prevent employees who have self-excluded themselves from entering casinos or gambling establishments.

As outlined in the agency’s communication, any employers found disregarding this regulation will be subjected to penalties of up to BGN 20,000 ($11,200), in accordance with the provisions set forth in Bulgarian gambling legislation.

This announcement follows an examination into the feasibility of hiring individuals who have voluntarily added themselves to the self-exclusion list.

The NRA has provided further clarity by stipulating that operators must adhere to the stipulations of the Gambling Act in this matter, irrespective of whether the person in question is an employee rather than a customer within a gambling venue.

In adherence to Bulgarian gambling law, individuals who are on the self-exclusion list are banned from accessing gaming halls or casinos. The law also restricts the entry of individuals in uniform, those below the age of 18, and individuals carrying weapons.

Moreover, individuals lacking proper identification and those who are under the effect of drugs or alcohol are also barred from entering such establishments.