Caesars and SL Green enhance New York casino license bid

  • Friday 17 February, 2023
Caesars and SL Green enhance New York casino license bid

SL Green and Caesars have launched a new expansion to their plan of acquiring a New York gaming license.

The new program is an extension of Caesars Rewards for local businesses in the City. Once the proposed casino opens in New York, the program’s members will have the ability to utilize their reward points at participating businesses, boosting the area’s economy. They will also be able to accumulate points when shopping at those shops and restaurants, further incentivizing the program.

It is expected that the initiative will benefit quite a few small businesses, which will help the two companies in their license application process. First published back in October of 2022, Caesar and SL Green’s plans of opening a gambling establishment in Times Square compete with Wynn Resorts’ Hudson Yards casino proposal, which is why it is important for the two firms to make theirs as appealing to the state’s regulators as possible.

Being one of the entertainment and hospitality sector’s largest loyalty programs with over 60 million active users, Caesars Rewards is a great fit for a big financial hub like New York. Through past experience, we have learned that our investments in local communities where we operate greatly benefit everyone in the area. Through the proposed expansion of our rewards program, we will be able to boost the city’s economy and grow together.

stated the Chief Executive Officer of Caesars Entertainment, Tom Reeg.

As we aim to build a gambling establishment that seamlessly fits into its local environment, we realize that many of our guests will want to expand their entertainment experience by shopping at local businesses and dining at nearby restaurants. With this latest expansion to Caesars Rewards, we can integrate its numerous benefits with local shops, which will benefit everyone in the area.

commented the Chief Executive Officer of SL Green Realty, Marc Holliday.