Casino Guru Awards 2024: Only One Week Left to Nominate

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Casino Guru Awards 2024: Only One Week Left to Nominate

There is not much longer for iGaming industry participants and enthusiasts to leave their mark on this fantastic event as the 2024 Casino Guru Awards nomination period draws to a close.

Having a long-standing tradition of honoring stunning contributions within the iGaming sector, the 2024 ceremony is poised to be exceptionally remarkable. The clock is ticking, and there is only one more week to make sure that the chosen nominees are duly recognized for their accomplishments.

Casino Guru Awards Project Lead, Daniela Sliva Kianicova, mentioned in her speech:

We are elated to highlight the remarkable milestones of the iGaming companies. These awards not only acknowledge these accomplishments but also promote a culture of advancement and responsibility within the industry. We have already got many applications, and anticipate the celebration to come.

The Casino Guru Awards has a large selection of nomination categories, making sure that each angle of the iGaming world gets the well-earned identification it merits. These categories encompass a diverse array of areas.

The openness of the Casino Guru Awards’ nomination and selection procedures is one of its most noteworthy features. The public can propose individuals of their choice through the nomination procedure, which is available to players, industry professionals, and fans. An unbiased team of eminent judges will next conduct a thorough assessment procedure. Only the most worthy nominees move on to the next round thanks to this rigorous procedure. The trustworthiness of these awards is preserved by such a resolute dedication to disclosure.

Nominations Closing Date: October 31, 2023
Judges’ Summit: November, 2023
Awards Presentation: February, 2024