Casino Guru Awards judges gather for in-person evaluation

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Casino Guru Awards judges gather for in-person evaluation

The esteemed Casino Guru Awards are preparing for a significant gathering in Bratislava scheduled for November 30th and December 1st, bringing together a distinguished panel of judges from various parts of the world.

This pivotal event aims to facilitate interviews with shortlisted companies and engage in comprehensive discussions on the supporting materials submitted by the contenders.

The judging process of the Casino Guru Awards is characterized by a meticulous examination of compelling arguments put forth by the participating companies. Judges, representing diverse locations, engage in a series of online calls and discussion sessions to delve deeper into the reasons why specific companies should be acknowledged as leaders in the industry.

This hands-on approach not only promotes transparency but also enables a more personalized and detail-oriented assessment, ensuring that the most deserving candidates emerge as the ultimate winners.

In an unprecedented twist of circumstances, the judges were regrettably unable to attend the gathering for “The Most Ethical Approach to Marketing” this year. However, there’s a notable shift – the event will now take place entirely online in early December, providing the panel with the opportunity to thoroughly assess and evaluate the contenders from a remote setting.

The awards aim to commend the unwavering dedication and responsibility demonstrated by professionals in the industry, offering them the well-deserved recognition. With judges from Casino Guru and experts from other industry entities participating both physically and virtually, the event ensures a comprehensive evaluation process.

As the online awarding ceremony in February approaches, the judges are anticipated to finalize the winners by year-end through an anonymous vote. Additional details about the Casino Guru Awards gathering, along with insights from the judges, will be shared in the coming days.