Catena Media records strong growth in 2022

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Catena Media records strong growth in 2022

Catena Media has recently published its financial report for the prior year, with expanding North American operations driving its growth.

Starting with the most important figures, Catena Media earned just over 110 million Euros in the year, which is a 7% increase compared to 2021’s revenue figure. However, its Adjusted EBITDA shrank by 16%, going from nearly 60 million Euros to just over 50 million.

In contrast, the fourth quarter presented a 15% expansion in both the firm’s revenue and EBITDA, with the figures currently recorded at 27.5 million Euros and 12.3 million Euros respectively.

Breaking down the yearly figures, over 84 million Euros of its revenue came from North American operations. This amounts to about 77% of the group’s total earnings and represents an expansion of over 24% and an increase of the market’s total share by 11% in relation to the year prior. Moreover, in the fourth quarter of the year, Catena Media’s North American business grew by over 30%, making 21.5 million Euros.

Other than the numbers, the report mentioned a couple of key events that took place in the period, with the most significant one being the sale of AskGamblers to GiG which was recently finalized last month. The firm’s Q4 launch in Maryland was also quite influential, as it was one of the driving factors for its sizable North American growth.