CT Gaming to celebrate its 25th anniversary in the industry

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CT Gaming to celebrate its 25th anniversary in the industry

CT Gaming, a prominent supplier of iGaming solutions, commemorates a significant achievement in its path. Recognizing two decades of presence and unwavering innovation, the company reflects on its evolution.

Established in 1999 under the name Casino Technology, the company underwent a transformative rebranding in 2019, aligning itself with the tech advancements of the era. The rebrand marked the company’s 20th anniversary and ushered in the name it is known by today. CT Gaming has consistently been a leader in delivering state-of-the-art gaming practices, spearheading tech progress, and nurturing long-standing companionships.

As CT Gaming feasts this noteworthy achievement, it looks back on a legacy defined by a steadfast devotion to excellence.

The Director of Sales and BD at CT Gaming, Biser Bozhanov mentioned:

This crucial accomplishment symbolizes twenty-five years of diligent effort, superiority in advancement, and numerous successful partnerships. We take immense pride in our journey, marked by ongoing evolution and a relentless commitment to redefining gaming experiences.

Over 25 years, the company’s extensive experience has facilitated global expansion, with installations spanning over five continents, global hubs, and manufacturing facilities, securing top positions in multiple countries. The company’s steadfast dedication to providing amazing gaming practices has been a cornerstone of its success.

The 25th anniversary stands as a crucial achievement for CT Gaming’s heritage and unwavering devotion to forming the future of gaming. Positioned to continue dominating the industry, the company looks ahead to a future marked by innovation and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

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