Curaçao announced launching new online licensing portal

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Curaçao announced launching new online licensing portal

Starting from September 1st, operators have the opportunity to access Curaçao license application forms via the new online portal provided by the GCB.

This portal not only offers access to application forms but also serves as an informative resource regarding the licensing procedure, offering downloads and guidance.

The acceptance of applications is scheduled to start in November of this year. This portal’s launch coincides with Curaçao’s preparations for the National Ordinance for Games of Chance (LOK), a law that will alter the procedure of licensing casinos in Curaçao.

It’s important to note that this updated licensing procedure does not change Curaçao’s existing legislation, the National Ordinance on Offshore Games of Hazard; rather, it supplements it.

The new license application portal is accessible to emerging casinos and also existing sub-licensees. Existing sub-license holders can continue their operations without interruption according to the arrangements.

Following November, casinos granted a license will receive a provisional license from the regulating body, contingent on their submission of inspected policies and procedures within half-year of issuance.

The status of the casinos who were granted licenses will be transferred to the new body, thus they won’t need to reapply according to the LOK.

In terms of applying for new online gambling licenses, LOK is ready to make significant adjustments to a market that was considered unregulated. Despite fears that stricter standards could lead casinos to exit the commission, Curaçao Finance Minister Javier Silvania expressed no reservations.

A sub-license must be requested from one of the four present master license holders, according to Curaçao’s current statute. Sub-licensees will have a 3-month option to reapply for an operator license directly to the GCB after the LOK is put into effect, nevertheless.