Danish Gambling Authority’s report on illegal gambling combat

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Danish Gambling Authority’s report on illegal gambling combat

The Danish Gambling Authority has revealed its newest annual report, outlining endeavors to address illicit gambling activities within the nation. The report underscores regulatory guidelines and evaluates the authority’s actions implemented throughout 2023 to effectively combat illegal gambling.

In 2023, the Danish Gambling Authority, alongside the Danish Tax Agency’s anti-fraud unit, conducted three searches targeting potentially illicit websites. Additionally, the authority’s market analysis team conducted searches for such websites.

Consistent with previous years, the Danish Gambling Authority succeeded in blocking several illegal gambling websites in 2023. A total of 49 websites were blocked, including stake.com, a major international gambling operator.

The report’s summary indicates a noticeable increase in online illegal gambling activities. However, the Danish Gambling Authority attributes this rise primarily to its intensified efforts to combat such activities, rather than a growth in the illegal market itself.

To address this issue, the authority collaborates with tech giants Apple, Facebook, and Google. These partnerships enable swift identification and reporting of illegal gambling content within apps and social media channels, ensuring its prompt removal from platforms accessible to Danish users.

The report underscores the Danish Gambling Authority’s dedication to player protection and upholding a regulated gambling environment. It outlines continual efforts spanning the last decade to monitor and combat unlicensed gambling operators targeting Danish players.

While there has been a rise in illegal gambling websites, the report maintains that Denmark’s illicit gambling market remains restricted, with high channelization rates indicating a substantial portion of the market operating within regulations.

Furthermore, the Danish Gambling Authority is proactively tackling various forms of illegal gambling, such as “skin betting” and the convergence of gambling and video games. Educational campaigns on illegal gambling are also a priority for the authority.

Expanding its reach globally, the Danish Gambling Authority actively participates in international partnerships, collaborating with other European gambling regulators to exchange information and best practices. These efforts also involve establishing partnerships with stakeholders, including social media platforms.

In line with these initiatives, the Danish Gambling Authority urges citizens to report any instances of illegal gambling they come across.