DAZN Bet to enter the German market

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DAZN Bet to enter the German market

DAZN Bet, the sports betting division of DAZN, has officially entered the online betting market in Germany.

After successfully obtaining a license from the Joint Gambling Authority of the Federal States (GGL), DAZN Bet is now set to provide betting services to sports enthusiasts in the country.

This development confirms prior speculations that suggested DAZN Bet had secured regulatory approval in Germany.

DAZN Bet, a collaborative venture between the prominent sports media giant DAZN and the Pragmatic Group, is a rapidly expanding betting operator that aims to captivate fans with high-quality sports betting content. This expansion aligns with DAZN’s strategic goal of solidifying its dominant position in the sports entertainment industry.

Starting in mid-September, German consumers will gain access to DAZN Bet via the official DAZN platform. Customers will have the opportunity to place bets on their preferred teams and events spanning various professional sporting leagues. However, it’s worth noting that a separate DAZN Bet account will be required to participate.

Gabriel Vollmann, the Managing Director for DACH at DAZN Bet, shared his thoughts on this development, stating:

Our strong collaboration with German authorities and our brand partnership with DAZN underscore our dedication to operating as a secure provider within a regulated market that prioritizes the enjoyment of the players.

Continuously evolving, DAZN plans to enrich DAZN Bet with new products and market offerings as part of its commitment to fulfilling the diverse preferences and interests of consumers. The company is enthusiastic about providing top-tier sports entertainment to German audiences, thus elevating the enjoyment of local sports enthusiasts.