Dutch regulator appoints Michel Groothuizen as new Chairman

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Dutch regulator appoints Michel Groothuizen as new Chairman

The Dutch gambling regulatory authority (Kansspelautoriteit) has named Michel Groothuizen as its new chairman.

The quest for a new leader began in October last year when Jansen announced his retirement. Groothuizen, a legal expert in public administration, has spent the last four years as the deputy director general of the Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency (DJI).

Ric de Rooij, the deputy secretary-general at the Ministry of Justice and Security, responsible for KSA, remarked:

With Michel, the KSA will gain a new leader with extensive administrative expertise and deep knowledge of the domain. Given the dynamic nature of gambling, his appointment is crucial. I eagerly anticipate collaborating with Michel.

Prior to this role, Groothuizen held positions such as the general director of the Netherlands Institute for Forensic Psychiatry and served as a deputy judge at the Arnhem Court of Appeal for 15 years. His tenure at the Ministry of Justice and Security, particularly as the policy director from 2001 to 2015, involved pivotal responsibilities, including the establishment of KSA in 2012.

Reflecting on his previous involvement, Groothuizen expressed:

Past endeavors resonate profoundly. My responsibilities as policy director from 2007 onward included overseeing the gambling dossier, notably spearheading the establishment of the Gaming Authority in 2012. Although it took nearly a decade for the legislation governing online gambling to materialize, my association had ceased by then.

Accepting the new role, Groothuizen described it as “a thrilling opportunity,” marking a new chapter in his career.