Entain launches women’s STEM returnship program with McLaren

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Entain launches women’s STEM returnship program with McLaren

McLaren Racing and Entain are collaborating to launch a brand new initiative aimed at aiding women return to STEM positions.

The new initiative makes quite a lot of sense for both businesses, as both of their audiences comprise of a significant portion of female bettors and fans, which is growing every year. The firms aim to diversify the STEM field by helping unemployed women find appropriate employment to develop their careers.

The program will involve a six-month internship at one of the two companies. It will offer 10 places and will be accepting women at various stages of their careers. Selected applicants will be assisted by a one-on-one coach that will help them with various aspects ranging from going back to work to networking with c-level professionals. Furthermore, after the initial six months, applicants will be given the chance to discuss long-term roles at the two companies.

Entain and McLaren are looking for applicants in the United Kingdom who can start working in the second half of May. The program also seeks candidates who have experienced unemployment for at least three months. Additionally, the firms want candidates to have at least 2 years of working experience in the field, as well as matching qualifications.

We are delighted to greenlight a unique returnship initiative in collaboration with Entain. This program represents an excellent opportunity to make substantial changes in the STEM field and is an excellent step towards our goal of having at least 40% of our workforce from less represented communities by 2030.

remarked the chief executive officer of McLaren Racing, Zak Brown.

We are thrilled to have McLaren as an associate in our latest diversity initiative. Together we want to not only aid the current generation of women in STEM fields but also inspire newer generations to follow a similar path in the future.

stated the chief executive officer of Entain, Jette Nygaard-Andersen.