EQL will deliver online lottery services to Michigan

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EQL will deliver online lottery services to Michigan

The Michigan state raffle has settled an arrangement with EQL Games which will increase its content library with the help of a partner.

The online sweepstakes developer and technology company EQL Games has agreed on a deal with the state of Michigan to supply the jurisdiction’s lottery with games and other media, utilizing its online raffle vertical. Additionally, the collaboration involves a third party, the software development firm Present Creative, which will initially create and distribute games before the sweepstakes creator takes over for more content.

EQL plans to incorporate its sweepstakes server systems to the raffle, opening the opportunity for its partner developer to integrate their products and supply media to the players. Furthermore, its services will allow other associates to utilize it in the future as well.

After announcing the collaboration, the chief executive of EQL mentioned that their company is delighted to have an opportunity to work with one of the oldest running state lottery organizations.

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