EveryMatrix reaches billion euro turnover with OddsMatrix

EveryMatrix reaches billion euro turnover with OddsMatrix

EveryMatrix’s OddsMatrix has recently broken into the ten figures in terms of their turnover.

The iGaming provider EveryMatrix has recently celebrated a significant milestone for its OddsMatrix subsidiary. The latter has managed a turnover of over a billion euros in just over eight months, massively outdoing its previous year’s performance of under a billion euros achieved only by the end of the year.

It is estimated that the company will be able to achieve over 200 million euros of turnover per month in the remainder of the year. Furthermore, turnover in the months of September and August have doubled in comparison to the year prior.

We are quite excited as this is an extravagant achievement for both OddsMatrix and EveryMatrix. At this rate, we are expecting our wagering solution to hit over 200 million euros in turnover in the last quarter of the year. Our exceptional growth momentum will be quite useful in aiding us in reinvesting into our business and enhancing our products and offerings.

commented the chief executive officer at EveryMatrix, Ebbe Groes.

2022 has been a great period for the company, as they have seen multiple of their subsidiaries grow and break records. The exciting times are going to continue as EveryMatrix keeps growing and acquiring more firms to bolster its operations.

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