FanDuel launches a Collaboration Hub in Scotland’s capital

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FanDuel launches a Collaboration Hub in Scotland’s capital

FanDuel starts a journey in the United Kingdom after the American subsidiary Flutter opened a Cooperation Center in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland.

Praising the opening as a “new phase” for the brand, the release of the Collaboration Center in the UK will lead to the creation of two hundred and fifty new engineering jobs to help improve mobile betting shops, casinos and racing platforms. Associates will also work on specialized technical, product and UX related projects.

Furthermore, it is said that the base also promotes interdisciplinary work and stimulates the ignition of the project, while uniting colleagues from the group with those who work in the British and Irish divisions of Flutter, as well as in international divisions.

We are sure that by working together we can achieve best results for delivering products. The official release of the new Collaboration Center in the United Kingdom marks a great new phase in the history of FanDuel, which will unite the talent from the country to improve this dedicated creative space 

explained Matthew Taylor, the VP of Software Engineering.

The UK Collaboration Center, located on Frith Street, in the restored Fountainbridge area of Edinburgh, is said to offer a “vibrant and refreshing space” and is designed to “enhance creativity and engagement” with its equipment.

The company was originally founded in Scotland in 2009, and the opening of a Collaboration Center in the UK is the most recent investment the brand has made in the country.