Game providers with SGA license come into force in Sweden

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Game providers with SGA license come into force in Sweden

The Spelinspektionen (Swedish Gambling Authority) is implementing new regulations with the aim of making it more challenging for unauthorized casinos to suggest gambling services to Swedish residents.

Starting from July 1st, all game suppliers should obtain a license from the SGA. Previously, only casinos and their respective brands were required to have a license.

Game publishers have had the option to apply for a license since March of the following year if they want to keep doing business in Sweden. All developers of games, or more specifically, anyone planning to sell their games in Sweden, must comply with the latest licensing scheme. Slots, live casino, poker, and sportsbook suppliers are all categorized by the Spelinspektionen as game software suppliers.

To date, a crucial number of 141 B2B licenses have been granted. Numerous prominent globally renowned game suppliers have successfully applied for and acquired the license to deliver their services within Sweden.

These game suppliers have a long-standing presence in the industry and are highly reputable. They have garnered recognition for their production of top-notch games, offering a diverse range of features that captivate players.

In the upcoming months, it is anticipated that the SGA will continue to issue licenses to additional gaming content suppliers. To ensure that all solutions adhere to the finest standards of quality, strict controls and measures will be put in place. As a result, audiences in Sweden will have an even greater variety of options when seeking online casino practices.

To ensure a safe gambling environment in Sweden, it is crucial for users to exclusively engage with online casinos holding a valid Swedish license. Despite this, numerous unlicensed casinos have managed to attract Swedish players without any restrictions. The implementation of new regulations starting in July, along with the introduction of payment blocks, aims to bring an end to the activities of these unlicensed operators. The effectiveness of these measures will only become apparent over time.