Genius Sports extends agreement with Brazil’s LNB

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Genius Sports extends agreement with Brazil’s LNB

Genius Sports, a renowned partner facilitating the convergence of sports, wagering, and media, has unveiled substantial and extended data cooperation with Brazil’s Liga Nacional de Basquete (LNB), setting the stage for the forthcoming basketball season scheduled to commence on October 21.

This prolonged collaboration solidifies Genius Sports’ position as the esteemed companion for over 200 basketball leagues around the world, wherein it will deliver FIBA LiveStats services for all LNB games. This comprehensive offering encompasses the capture and dissemination of statistics tailored for diverse sports-centric platforms. A pivotal facet of this agreement involves the integration of this data into all LNB live broadcasts, further facilitating its distribution to global sports betting operators to enhance their live betting offerings.

In addition to these pivotal data services, this partnership extension encompasses a crucial commitment to preserving the involvement of LNB from hazards related to match-fixing and wagering misconduct. Genius Sports will continue its vigilant oversight of LNB games, swiftly identifying and flagging any signs of match-fixing or integrity concerns. Notably, since 2016, the B2B has been providing its training solutions and round-the-clock bet-controlling system to fortify LNB’s defenses. This sophisticated supervising system meticulously analyzes wagering odds and market fluctuations, spotlighting any suspicious gambling patterns or activities.

Guilherme Buso, Genius Sports’ Senior Account Executive, expressed enthusiasm for extending this companionship with Liga Nacional de Basquete, highlighting the company’s innovative technology that will sustain the safeguarding of LNB competitions and counter integrity threats. Buso emphasized that this collaboration will play a pivotal role in disseminating official data that fuels the worldwide wagering and sports landscape.

The President of LNB, Rodrigo Franco Montoro echoed the sentiment of this enduring partnership, emphasizing how it aligns with multiple league objectives. Montoro underscored the shared commitment to innovation between LNB and Genius Sports, emphasizing the companionship’s potential to expand the accessibility of live game data. Finally, he commended Genius Sports’ proficiency in securely sharing information and data.

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