Genius strikes partnership with Snapchat and Verizon

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Genius strikes partnership with Snapchat and Verizon

Genius Sports has just announced an exciting cooperation with Snapchat, where the B2B company will bring augmented reality (AR) by using popular Snapchat Lenses.

This partnership will harness Genius Sports‘ distinguished standing as the media and wagering supplier for NFL Official League Data and Next Gen Stats to captivate sports enthusiasts on Snapchat. They aim to deliver easily shareable content directly to the phones of sports aficionados.

Verizon, the NFL’s official 5G network, is set to introduce an innovative AR-based channel for fan engagement through Sponsored Lens. It’s noteworthy that Verizon is the primary sponsor to provide Lens with the newest Genius Sports innovative technological features.

Platforms and Partnerships Director at Verizon, Kris Soumas expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating:

This showcases the incredible possibilities that arise from the fusion of AR and 5G. Enthusiasts are in for an entirely new level of practice. Leveraging this advanced tech, we have the opportunity to bring fans unprecedented encounters, and we deeply appreciate the cooperation that has made all of this possible.

Snapchats Sports Companiosnhips Chief, Anmol Malhotra, mentioned:

Snapchat is hailed asthe top spot to display your devotion and follow your favourite game.” With an impressive audience of over 250 million, who actively use AR, our team is super excited to welcome Genius Sports aboard to infuse our Lenses with realtime data, elevating their immersion factor to new heights.

Matt Ryter, Sales, Media, and Fan Engagement Head at Genius Sports, commended the groundbreaking Snapchat Lens tech that is reshaping the way sports are perceived, stating:

Collaborating with Snapchat, is an amazing update for us, which will contribute to the enhancement of Lenses by integrating NFL Data.

During the LA Rams and San Francisco 49ers game at SoFi Stadium, taking place on 17th September, this ground-breaking Lens will make its premiere. Supporters can look forward to real-time game data, the chance to virtually test merchandise, and an interactive 3D stadium map that is only available to Verizon 5G customers.

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