German health institution wants gambling ads to be limited

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German health institution wants gambling ads to be limited

The Federal Center of Health and Education and the commissioner of addiction problems insist on gambling advertising to not be shown before 21:00 hours.

The FCHE (BZgA) collected data from a number of its surveys and found out that there are about 230 thousand problem gamblers and over 200 thousand compulsive gamblers in Germany.

The director of the FCHE (BZgA), Martin Dietrich stated:

One of the biggest problems of gambling advertisements is that they are available online and at any time. They lure people with promises of high winnings, making them especially effective for the companies, and especially dangerous in terms of problem gambling and addictions. That is why raising awareness and telling people about the ways they can get harmed is important. We also need to take action to protect vulnerable people before they can irreparably damage their future.

The commissioner of addiction issues, Burkhard Blienert, had similar thoughts on the topic.

There is a concerning trend of ever-increasing gambling advertisements. It is especially worrying as there are already hundreds of thousands of people who are either problem gamblers or even gambling addicts. I am assured that these advertisements should not be allowed to be displayed before 21:00 hours on television or on the internet.

he said.