GGL opposes proposed changes to the Criminal Code

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GGL opposes proposed changes to the Criminal Code

The GGL has lodged an appeal regarding proposed alterations that could impact its ability to enforce actions against unlicensed gambling operators.

In Germany, the newly established German gambling regulator, the GGL, has filed an appeal against proposed amendments to the country’s criminal code, the Strafgesetzbuch. The GGL expresses concern that these modifications might diminish its capacity to pursue enforcement measures against offshore gambling entities and could potentially undermine efforts to combat money laundering.

Ronald Benter, co-president of the GGL, emphasized the regulator’s plea for reconsideration of amendments affecting the implementation of Article 284. This provision empowers federal agencies such as the GGL to collaborate directly with public prosecution authorities in conducting criminal investigations. The GGL relies on this article to combat offshore gambling operators.

Nevertheless, the Ministry of Justice seeks to align the code’s regulations concerning the initiation of international criminal procedures with the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. The GGL advocates for explicit inclusion of prosecutorial authority over offshore gambling operators within the legislative updates.

This issue gains significance amidst the backdrop of German regulations opposing Malta’s efforts to shield its online gambling operators from legal challenges initiated by other European Union member states.