GIG appoints Richard Carter as Platform & Sportsbook CEO

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GIG appoints Richard Carter as Platform & Sportsbook CEO

Gaming Innovation Group has recently unveiled the appointment of Richard Carter as the CEO of the Platform and Sportsbook sector.

This appointment stands as a robust move to have a seasoned leader for the division, strategically positioned in anticipation of GIG’s forthcoming bifurcation into distinct entities.

The company commenced a comprehensive well-planned evaluation this year, targeted at partitioning the company into 2 independent enterprises. This strategic step is set to harness the complete spectrum of progress possibilities and to grant each venture the advantageous agility inherent to its unique business blueprints. Through this division, two preeminent players will emerge, poised to reach accelerated expansion beyond the confines of the present corporate framework.

Richard Carter, a seasoned professional in the industry, possesses an extensive background in the realm of iGaming. For a span of approximately five years, he was the CEO of SBTech. In this capacity, he skillfully navigated the company via a significant powerhouse with DraftKings, a notable entertainment and gaming company. In his more recent engagements, Richard Carter assumed the role of CEO at Bragg, a prominent casino software provider.

Richard Carter mentioned:

I am thrilled to take on the role of the CEO of Platform and Sportsbook during this dynamic phase of GIG’s evolution. Given its exceptional in-house tech, robust existence in authorized locations, and selection of products driven by data, the GiG Platform is uniquely poised to sustain its impressive growth trajectory. I am eager to begin and eagerly anticipate collaborating with the talented GiG team. Together, we will build upon the substantial strides made thus far, and gradually unlock and maximize the full capabilities of the independent GiG platform.

GiG’s Chairman of the Board, Petter Nylander remarked:

Our team is pleased to share the exciting news that Richard Carter will join us in the third quarter of this year. He has demonstrated a remarkable and profound comprehension of the GiG enterprise, and its potential, and has offered astute insights on amplifying the accomplishments of the Platform and Sportsbook sector.

Carter will improve GiG’s Platform and Sportsbook business around the world. He will strengthen GiG’s current role as a supplier of SaaS to 40+ clients from different markets. He provides knowledge and leadership thanks to a solid operational track record and profitability accomplishment in authorized online gambling.