GiG is set to launch a new hub in 2023

  • Thursday 22 September, 2022
GiG is set to launch a new hub in 2023

GiG is creating a brand-new North American hub for the purpose of  marking it place in the region.

The new hub is going to be led by Ben Clemes who is the co-founder of the group. It is going to help the group to strengthen its position around the United States, where it has been working for the last four years.

At first the company maintained the Hard Rock brand in the state of New Jersey, and then invested more in the United States and improved its operations in the region in order to accommodate its business. Currently, GiG media is authorized to operate in nineteen states.

Lately, the group has been very active in the region as it released PlayStar in New Jersey and Crab Sports in Michigan. 

Additional, the group stated that its purchase of Sportnco which happened earlier this year prepared it for further growth, and the new North American hub will keep growing in the region.

Among my first decisions with GiG was to move to Marbella for the purpose of improving our B2B businesses and I am ready to move to the US for creating the new North American office and this is a perfect time. I started working in Europe fifteen years ago and I am thrilled to go back to where it all began.

stated Clemes.

North America is in our global strategy and with the integration of Sportnco and the completion of the development of our next generation of technologies within the platform, the timing is perfect for further deployment of GiG on the continent to capitalize on all opportunities we get. Clemes is the perfect person to lead the hub as no one knows our history better than him. 

commented Richard Brown, the CEO of the group.

It is expected that the new hub will start operation during Q2 of next year.