GIG launches GoldenPark in Portugal

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GIG launches GoldenPark in Portugal

GiG has recently revealed its exciting introduction of GoldenPark to the authorized online market in Portugal.

By utilizing its cuttingedge PAM and sportsbook, the company reinforces its established partnership, which commenced in Spain back in 2019.

This launch marks a momentous occasion, serving as GiG’s 2nd B2B companion brand to enter the new market, succeeding the debut of Betway in the country. Moreover, it signifies the very first time that the GoldenPark brand has ventured beyond Spanish borders, making it accessible to a broader audience of players. GiG has licenses in 30 markets and eight more are in development, making its knowledge unmatched.

Portugal stands as one of Europe’s robustly regulated online gaming frameworks, supported by a steadfast taxation structure. To take advantage of industry development potential, this necessitates highly customizable solutions. GiG’s custom sportsbook offers customizable margins, allowing gamblers to customize their services to be commercially flexible and challenging. GiG’s tailored sportsbook is based on years of practice with a comparable example in France.

The Commercial Director of GiG, David Bonnefous Saavdera uttered:

Our staff is dazed to have facilitated the expansion of GoldenPark’s online services into Portugal, offering a solution that we are more than sure is flexible, robust, and cater to the requirements of casinos.

José A. Giacomelli, Consejero Delegado of the Online Division of MGA mentioned:

The Portuguese regulatory landscape poses significant achievements for our company. Nevertheless, it is amazing to have the opportunity to tackle these obstacles alongside GiG. Our enlargement strategy involves robust progress in Portugal, and we have huge confidence that the platform will play a pivotal role in achieving this goal.

Portugal’s iGaming market presents significant growth prospects. Data from the regulatorSRIJ, reveals that in the first quarter of this year, revenue surged by an impressive 24.8% year on year, reaching196.4m. Among the 28 licensees, 12 cater to sports betting, while 16 focus on iGaming, indicating a thriving and diverse sector in the country.