GiG signs new agreement for Comply with Betway

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GiG signs new agreement for Comply with Betway

GiG, a renowned iGaming company, has recently expanded its companionship with the prominent worldwide known online casino brand, Betway. This extension pertains to their utilization of GiG Comply.

GiG Comply is a proactive solution designed to make sure that affiliate companions adhere to all brand and safer gambling regulations. This advanced software, implemented by Betway, streamlines compliance with regulatory requirements across various jurisdictions worldwide. The tool employs a rules engine to assess affiliate marketing ads, supplying Betway insights into the promotional content leveraged in these campaigns.

The Chief Executive at GiG, Jonas Warrer mentioned:

Our team is elated that Betway, a respected international brand, continues to place its confidence in GiG Comply. This reaffirms our dedication to bringing effective solutions that offer peace of mind and safeguard the reputations of prestigious global organizations.

The Chief Executive of Betway Group, Anthony Werkman stated:

We at Betway are pleased to extend our ongoing agreement with GiG, an innovative audience in the iGaming world, renowned for their state-of-the-art platform and tech solutions. This continued deal allows us to leverage their innovative compliance software, further solidifying our status as a top brand in the market and making sure our users get a gambling environment characterized by fairness, security, and responsibility.

The flexibility of GiG Comply has been demonstrated in Betway’s global markets, enabling the casino operator to establish customized criteria and checklist parameters. These can be adapted to meet specific market needs, ensuring that Betway stays pliant in diverse locations.

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