GiG to start new partnership with Livespins

  • Tuesday 17 October, 2023
GiG to start new partnership with Livespins

Casino operators utilizing the acclaimed GiG platform can already suggest to their users a distinctive iGaming experience infused with social interaction, thanks to a newly forged agreement with the prominent Livespins.

This collaboration grants GiG casino companions access to the Livespins platform, nestled within the casino lobby. Here, players can not only spectate their preferred streamers but also place bets on the live reel action, cultivating a collective wagering experience. Users retain the autonomy to determine their wager amount and the number of spins. Livespins is founded on fostering social engagement, enabling players to engage in conversations with both the streamer and fellow participants, while also expressing themselves through emojis, and gifs.

Michael Pedersen, CCO at Livespins, stated:

GiG stands as a foremost platform supplier, empowering numerous one-of-a-kind online casino brands across global markets. Through this collaboration, these casinos and renowned brands get access to an exceptionally exhilarating online casino offering. Players can now relish a fresh and captivating gaming experience, encompassing the ability to wager alongside streamers, engage in conversations with fellow players, and actively participate in our Lightning Tournaments and Lightning Jackpots for an unmatched blend of thrill and substantial winning prospects. This partnership is of profound significance to Livespins, aligning seamlessly with our overarching goal to infuse social dynamism into the online casino landscape for all players.

Marcel Elfersy, CCO at GiG, mentioned:

Being a platform supplier, we’ve consistently made ourselves a pioneer in delivering innovation within the online realm. Our recent companionship with Livespins, focusing on social gaming, seamlessly extends this commitment. It provides our partners with accessibility to streaming services that introduce fresh chances and fortify our market offerings.

Given Livespins’ integration into the casino lobby, users receive the same safeguards for ethical gambling and secure gaming features as they would while playing other casino games. This empowers casinos to harness the substantial prospects of live streaming while maintaining full compliance with industry regulations.

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