Greentube USA launched iLottery game Drop The Balls

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Greentube USA launched iLottery game Drop The Balls

Greentube USA, a division of NOVOMATIC Digital Gaming and Entertainment known as Greentube, has recently introduced an engaging iLottery game called Drop The Balls.

Combining elements from pinball, pachinko, and bagatelle, this innovative game has been meticulously crafted to captivate a broader range of players.

In response to the increasing desire for inventive gaming experiences, lotteries have been actively searching for distinctive and captivating methods to engage with fresh audiences. Recognizing this demand, Greentube USA has developed a game that seamlessly blends the finest features from three beloved games, culminating in an unparalleled and unforgettable gaming adventure.

Ben Sutherland, CEO of Greentube USA said:

At the core of this game lies a mesmerizing physics simulation, infusing every aspect of the gameplay with a remarkable sense of realism. Drop The Balls is a captivating game that promises enjoyment for lottery players across all age groups, and we are thrilled to announce its launch in collaboration with the Washington DC Lottery.

In close collaboration with EQL’s RGS aggregation platform, Greentube USA envisions this game release to be the first in a series of many across the United States, as well as expanding to territories in Latin America and Europe.

The Washington DC Lottery will be the pioneering state lottery to introduce this groundbreaking game to its players. Anticipated to make an instant impact, the game’s captivating gameplay, stunning visuals, and lifelike physics simulation are set to capture playersattention.

Within the game, players will immerse themselves in a dynamic playfield teeming with obstacles and multiplier catchers, enhancing the value of each dropped ball. With a diverse range of targets and bonus features, every game promises a distinct and exhilarating experience. Catching a bonus ball will reward players with free balls in a bonus round, increasing their chances of winning higher prizes.

The launch of Drop The Balls signifies yet another remarkable achievement for Greentube USA, and the company holds strong confidence that the game will achieve immense success among lotteries and players alike.

As the NOVOMATIC Digital Gaming and Entertainment part, Greentube is dedicated to delivering high–quality, customized products on a global scale. With Greentube’s cutting–edge tech, ...