iGaming Platform started CRM partnership with Fast Track

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iGaming Platform started CRM partnership with Fast Track

iGaming Platform, a popular leader in providing solutions for the online gambling sector, has officially formed a strategic alliance with Fast Track, a specialized company in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

With a global reach encompassing over a hundred casinos, Fast Track collaborates to bring customized user practices. Their approach involves adaptable and open solutions, uniquely catered to meet the distinct demands and priorities of each individual client.

Matthew Calascione, COO at iGP, mentioned:

Our team is thrilled to announce the agreement to integrate Fast Track’s cutting-edge CRM tools into our operations. This collaboration will enable iGP to harness advanced segmentation features, driving substantial enhancements in player involvement—a critical requirement for casinos. Anticipating the journey ahead, we eagerly anticipate our cooperation with Fast Track, envisioning mutual growth and lasting, productive cooperation in the future.

The CMO at Fast Track, Luis Sangiovanni went on to say:

This deal represents a synergistic alliance, uniting the strengths of both entities. Fast Track’s forefront tech guarantees flawless user interactions and individualized journeys, complemented by IGP’s state-of-the-art platform that delivers an unparalleled gaming practice. This partnership reshapes player engagement, establishing pioneering benchmarks within the industry.

This collaboration will empower iGaming Platform’s associates to harness the distinctive real-time data capabilities offered by Fast Track. This translates to extensive player insights, a resource of paramount significance. Most notably, this partnership will equip operators with the ability to implement highly personalized marketing campaigns on a large scale.

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