iGaming Talks: Interview with 7777 gaming’s Elena Shaterova

iGaming Talks: Interview with 7777 gaming’s Elena Shaterova

This week on iGaming Talks, 7777 gaming‘s CCO, Elena Shaterova, goes over key points, discussing the company’s diverse player base, the team’s years of experience, and their big plans for 2023. The B2B provider has enjoyed a great deal of success in the last 2 years, so in this interview we rewind and go back in time to learn how it all started.

TheGamblest: Let us begin by getting to know 7777 gaming a little better. What is its backstory? What does it offer?

Elena: 7777 gaming is in a class of its own. The greatest reason for that is the team, consisting of experienced gambling and development professionals with a strong background in the entertainment industry, which has a special approach to every project. One of the most successful and well-known brands was National Lottery, which for many years was the industry leader in the Bulgarian market. The founders decided that the next logical step is to transfer their knowledge and experience into the B2B vertical. That’s how 7777 gaming started in 2020 and since then achieved several milestones. The company offers a fully integrated online platform with an array of products including iLottery, scratch cards, marketing tools, and top-notch casino games. 

For less than 2 years, 7777 gaming has gained a lot of traction, entered new jurisdictions, reached a 100 casino games portfolio, signed exciting partnerships in Europe and Latin America, and welcomed new clients that use the company’s innovative products on various highly-regulated markets. Besides, 7777 gaming made its international debut at ICE London 2022 and now it is going to exhibit for the first time at the upcoming SIGMA Europe, in Malta. Everyone is welcome to meet and greet us at our stand S80. 

TG: What sets you apart from the competition in the ever-growing iGaming B2B market? 

Elena: As I said 7777 gaming does things differently and prides itself on its products and solutions. Our product offerings are built with the mindset of an operator and provide a unique, thrilling, and engaging experience to the end users. 

Secondly, we always put the operator’s needs and requirements first. The competition in any market now is intense. We understand that and use our special approach to any operator that is willing to integrate our products so that we are beneficial to each other. 

TG: “The company’s offering was built by the operator for an operator,” is what your website says. How has this helped to get the company to where it stands now?

Elena: With the team’s years of hands-on experience in the iGaming and entertainment industry, the company has achieved to develop a solid product portfolio that is answering the operators’ pain points adequately. 

Throughout the years we have been analyzing the players’ behavior and requirements, which have been added to each and every product of the company. The B2C experience is essential and differentiates us from the other gaming studios.

elena shaterova 7777 gaming
Elena Shaterova

TG: What does a player look for in a game? How do you ensure that the players’ wants and needs are constantly met?

Elena: There are many different types of players. Our portfolio is differentiated into specific groups of players and even offers games to players that aren’t into gambling so much. We have 8 game groups – Instant Win Games, Premium Games, Exclusive Games, Soft Games, Classic Games, Table Games, Keno & Bingo Games, and Thematic reskin on a festive theme.

The Instant Win Games, for example, are focusing the new players to the online gaming, transitioning players from scratch games, and players who are looking for entertainment, while the Classic Slots are targeting professional slot players, whereas the Exclusive Games are specially designed for the new generation of players coming from the gaming world.

TG: Innovation can be quite risky at times. How do you penetrate a new innovative product into the market and try to make sure the player “understands” it?

Elena: The new generation of players requires new game concepts. So, we create different and innovative products. We don’t have a guarantee that they will like them at first sight, and we constantly research trends and behaviors to make our products successful. We diversify the portfolio by including well-known and popular topics that are proven to be successful.

TG: The iGaming industry is brimming with both large and small events. Why do you think that is? What does it give to companies and what has it given you?

Elena: In my opinion, tier-one events are more about branding. The other ones are perfect for networking with familiar companies. Both types of events give us the opportunity to establish fruitful business contacts with new partners and present our latest products and developments. 

TG: As this year comes to an end, do you have any significant plans or updates for 2023 that you’d want to share with our readers?

Elena: Let’s begin with our recently achieved milestone of acquiring an MGA Certificate, which gives us the opportunity to offer our online casino games to these markets. We plan to start working with the leading regulated aggregators and operators in Europe. The Balkan markets, well-accepted our games and we continue to certify new games for them. Latin America and the US markets are both exciting and a great challenge for us. That’s why we continue to look for trustworthy partners to collaborate with. 

TG: Let’s move on from the previous questions and get to know you better, Elena! What do you do in your spare time once you’ve turned off your laptop?

Elena: In my spare time, I like reading, hiking, and traveling. Most of all I love spending time with my family and enjoying my 2-year-old son. 

Keep an eye out for upcoming interviews to learn more about the brightest minds in the iGaming industry!

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