iGaming Talks with Slotegrator’s Dmytro Kryvorchuk

iGaming Talks with Slotegrator’s Dmytro Kryvorchuk

TheGamblest‘s first iGaming Talks features Dmytro Kryvorchuk from Slotegrator. The Sales Team Lead talks about the industry’s future, introducing new solutions to meet player requirements and how he got into iGaming “by accident.”

TheGamblest: Given that Slotegrator has been in the industry for more than 10 years, where do you think the industry is headed? What markets have the greatest potential over the next two years?

Dmytro: If we talk about potential markets for the next 2 years, it is definitely India and Latin America. These markets have a huge potential for the gambling industry, starting with the large population of these regions and ending with a relatively small number of online operators.

If we talk about the industry as a whole, then it begins to move towards non-standard solutions, everyone is already tired of classic games or types of casinos, and both operators and players themselves are starting to look at new (non-standard solutions) that are becoming more and more popular, despite that fact that it is always believed that the players are quite conservative in this industry.

TG: What do you look for in a potential partner? What are key factors to building a strong and long-term relationship with your partners?

Dmytro: There is no specific list of requirements that a partner must have, each case is individual. Of course, it is very important for us that the partner has an understanding of the market and where he starts working, understanding of his team, future plans, etc. Also, any kind of partnership is like a relationship, you must listen to each other, look after each other and after that, both parties must understand whether it will be good for them to go the same way together or not. And then you just build your partnerships and all parties should be happy with them.

TG: What are your primary markets, and are there any likely new GEOs on your radar?

Dmytro: Our main markets are Europe and the CIS. We do have clients all over the world but so far most of them are from these regions. Of course, we are keeping an eye on new markets, and we will focus on markets that are going to be popular in 2 years, the ones I mentioned in the answer to the first question. 

Latin America and India are showing excellent prospects, we have already started working with these regions, and what we see now shows us that this is the right choice and we need to build up forces in these regions.

TG: Market penetration of innovative solutions is significant right now. Tell us about your bitcoin casino software. What are the benefits of a bitcoin casino in general?

Dmytro: Our platform is fully ready to work with these types of casinos and we have already started launching bitcoin casinos for our clients. If we talk about the bitcoin casino itself in general, then this type of online gambling is now gaining popularity, and we are starting to receive requests in this direction more and more. I think this is also due to the growing popularity of the cryptocurrency itself, as well as the fact that it is much easier for the casino and the player to work with these types of currencies – both deposits and withdrawals – especially in those countries where it is difficult or almost impossible to connect standard types of payments to gambling platforms.

TG: In regards to industry changes, mobile gambling has recently emerged as a major trend. What services does your Telegram casino offer, and how is it distinctive from other online gambling platforms?

Dmytro: Yes, as we see now, most of the players enter online casinos through mobile devices. And we were thinking why not make it much more convenient, faster and safer (in terms of anonymity) for the player, but only inside Telegram. So we came up with the idea and developed our solution in the form of a Telegram casino, where a player can register by pressing 1 button, then make a deposit right inside Telegram, select the provider and game he needs, and start the game. The most important thing is that all these actions will take place inside the Telegram app, where the player simply selects everything he needs through the button menu, so the user does not need to wait until the entire site loads, all are performed faster and more conveniently. 

And for a casino with such a solution, it is not necessary to have an online site, this is a casino with the same functionality as the standard platform, just the front end appearing in Telegram. But for those who want to supplement their standard classic online casino with a telegram bot, this is also available as an additional feature. As we see now, this solution is unique in the market, so we cannot compare it with other online platforms because we are the pioneers in this solution.

TG: What opportunities do the ever-expanding range of Slotegrator games bring operators?

Dmytro: I think the same market rules work here as in other business areas – the larger and the better range of products (in our case, games) you can offer to customers, the more customers you can attract and retain. Therefore, it is important for operators to have a good range of games that players are interested in. And our mission is to help them with this as much as possible. Our success is the success of operators we cooperate with. 

TG: Your online casino platform was recently upgraded; tell us about its modules. What should operators expect?

Dmytro Kryvorchuk

Dmytro: Yes, we recently released our new platform, I would say that this is not an update, but a completely new product, since we tried to revise a lot of things from design to functionality. 

Let me start with the design updates – new UI and UX. Though the end user (online casino player) does not see the platform backend, let’s not forget that the casino employees work in it, and this tool should be clear and easy to use for them, so we also paid more attention to this. 

If we talk about the modules that are in the new platform, this is the entire standard list of modules that is necessary for the successful operation of the casino, plus we have added such a module as Casino Builder, where the operator can quickly and conveniently change his site completely. 

There is also a module for business analysis of the project, which collects all the statistics on the project, which the operator can see in a convenient way for him, as well as recommendations for action. And the feedback that we are now receiving from operators on the new platform shows us that it was the right decision to release a new version of the platform.

TG: What motivated the development of Slotegrator Academy? What does it offer and who is it aimed at?

Dmytro: Both experienced business owners and new market players who just want to try the business in this industry come to us for our services and solutions. Slotegrator Academy is designed for both of these types of clients, it is clear that new market players will be able to get much more useful information from here, but there is also quite useful information for experienced ones. Therefore, we focus on these 2 groups of clients. The motive is quite simple, the more our client or partner knows about the industry, the better his business works. Of course, we are aimed at the success of our clients which in its turn helps us develop and attract more new clients.

TG: To finish off the interview, we’d like to know more about you Dmytro. How did you break into the iGaming industry? What motivates you, both during and off work?

Dmytro: I got into this industry relatively by accident, a friend advised me to try myself in this direction, because he knew me well and said that I might like it, I found a vacancy in one company and after a successful interview, I started working in it. Just a few months later, I realized that I no longer want to consider other types of business to work for in the future, only gambling. The gambling market is very interesting, starting from the people you meet here and ending with its eternal changes. This market is very active, which is probably why I liked it so much, you will never be bored in it, you are always on the move and it charges you. For example, after work, many people don’t want to communicate with family or friends in a pub about work, and if they talk, it’s mostly in a bad way, but I noticed from myself and my colleagues that we often talk about the gambling market outside of work as we are interested in it so much and we are happy to discuss everything related to it. I think this is the main motivator, when your work is interesting for you, then you will want to grow and stay in this market.

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