Kiron releases latest title, World Cup

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Kiron releases latest title, World Cup

World Cup is going to be the latest virtual sports offering developed by Kiron.

The new game is going to deliver a new entertaining virtual football experience with stunning graphics and excellent audio. It is designed to be played on both online devices and in retail establishments, making for a unique experience that is well suited for both online and brick-and-mortar gambling operators.

The product is going to simulate an entire tournament with 32 teams and all of the different stages found in the real sport, such as quarter and semi finals, third-place rounds and finals.

It will feature round-the-clock gameplay, allowing players to tune in to the virtual tournament at any time and place their wagers. Additionally, this mechanic will enable players the ability to bet on multiple games at the same time, increasing its entertainment factor even further.

World Cup will have multiple betting markets which will let players bet on teams that are in the stages of their choosing.

The entire gameplay experience is going to be powered by Kiron’s industry-leading advanced algorithms which increase the enjoyment factor for the players while also increasing profits for operators.

Football Games have always been the center of our attention, and we have put a lot of effort into our latest one, World Cup. The real life football tournament is one of the biggest events for our industry, as it is so popular. Our newest title will compliment the real championship quite nicely, offering players a similar experience all year round.

remarked the co-chief executive officer at Kiron, Steven Spartinos.