KSA blocked an unnamed football club’s planned celebration

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KSA blocked an unnamed football club’s planned celebration

The Dutch gambling regulatory body has intervened to halt plans for a colossal advertisement on a city building, citing a violation of the country’s prohibition on gambling promotions.

The Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) has vetoed a proposal by an undisclosed football club to commemorate its achievements by draping a building in a massive advertisement featuring the team captain. According to the gambling regulator, this billboard would run afoul of the Netherlands’ ban on gambling advertisements.

In a stern warning to both the municipality and the football club, the KSA cautioned that it would impose proactive sanctions should the advertisement proceed. The crux of the issue lies in the presence of the club’s sponsor—a provider of iGaming services—whose logo adorns the team’s uniform. The KSA contends that this inclusion violates the prohibition on indiscriminate gambling advertising.

Despite arguments from the sponsor and the team asserting that the sponsorship constitutes legitimate sports promotion, with the brand serving as a passive backdrop against the prominence of the player or clothing, the KSA remains unconvinced. It asserts that such a defense is only applicable when the player is depicted fulfilling professional duties, such as during match coverage on the field. Moreover, the regulator maintains that the advertisement would also transgress regulations prohibiting the use of role models in gambling promotions.

Emphasizing the broader context, the KSA highlights that advertising online gambling in public spaces is expressly forbidden due to its inherent inability to shield vulnerable demographics, such as young adults, from exposure.