KSA publishes names of violators in recent €25m fine

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KSA publishes names of violators in recent €25m fine

The Kansspelautoriteit has published further details concerning its recent record-breaking fines.

Back in February, the Dutch regulator had announced that it had fined seven operators a combined over 25 million Euros for operating illegally in the country. At the time, the KSA could only publish the details of only one of the violating companies, however, it has very recently published the names of five others.

The businesses in question are Fairload, Probe Investments, Betpoint, Videoslots, and N1 Interactive. The latter received the largest fine at over 12.5 million Euros, with Videoslots following closely at just under 10 million Euros. The other three were fined in the range of 900 thousand to 1.8 million Euros.

Combined with the 900 thousand Euro fine issued to Shark 77 in the Kansspelautoriteit’s previous announcement, the total penalty amount for the six companies adds up to around 27 million Euros, around 2 million Euros over its previous estimate. Moreover, the regulator did not mention the last unnamed operator at all in its newest announcement, which speculators say may mean that its charges were dropped in the court.

In the announcement, the Kansspelautoriteit talked a bit more about the two largest penalties. N1 Interactive was fined for several repeated violations for which it was penalized a bit over a year back. Videoslots, on the other hand, was mainly fined for allowing Dutch players to play and displaying the logo of the regulator on its website.

Videoslots published its response to the KSA just before the regulator’s official announcement, in which the company stated its intention of disputing the fine and called some of the Kansspelautoriteit’s actions unlawful.

The operator stated that the regulator’s logos were mistakenly displayed on its website for a very short time before being taken down. According to the firm, after seeing the regulator’s logos, one of KSA’s representatives tried signing up on Videoslots, however, they failed as the casino actively restricts Dutch players. After this, the representative pretended to be a German player, which granted them access to the site, where they made a deposit and placed a 20-cent wager.

After discovering this unauthorized entry, Videoslots enhanced its systems to prevent similar things from happening in the future. The company stated that it is nearly impossible to completely prevent players from accessing their website illegitimately and added that the regulator has not provided guidelines on what measures are sufficient or required to comply with Dutch gambling laws.