KSA requests sponsorship info from operators before ban

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KSA requests sponsorship info from operators before ban

The Dutch gambling authority, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), has submitted a formal request for information regarding the duration and specifics of sponsorship contracts held by online gambling operators.

This action precedes the impending prohibition on gambling sponsorships set to take effect next year.

According to reports from local industry outlet Casino Nieuws, operators are required to furnish details on the commencement date, duration, and scope of their sponsorship agreements. These details encompass the nature of the sponsorship, whether it pertains to teams, stadiums, or other entities, as well as the specific format of the sponsorship, such as shirt branding or stadium advertisements.

In addition to these specifics, the KSA seeks information on media sponsorships, including the type of media involved and the extent of coverage provided by the agreement. Similarly, for event sponsorships, details on the event’s name, location, and advertising arrangements are requested. Operators have been instructed to provide this information by March 29.

While the Netherlands implemented a ban on most forms of gambling advertising as of July 1 the previous year, the prohibition on sports and event sponsorships was postponed until July 2025 to allow sports clubs to adjust and existing contracts to expire. However, this exception only applies to agreements concluded before July 1, 2023.

In the wake of the sponsorship ban, only targeted advertising methods such as those through on-demand streaming, social media, and direct mail remain permissible.