Lady Luck Games to acquire license from Spelinspektionen

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Lady Luck Games to acquire license from Spelinspektionen

Lady Luck Games, a popular company known for creating amazing and advanced casino titles, is excited to unveil that it has received an official gambling license from Spelinspektionen.

This remarkable accomplishment represents a crucial achievement as the company enlarges its footprint throughout Sweden and reaffirms its devotion to delivering one-of-a-kind entertainment to users in the country.

Lady Luck Games will continue providing its fascinating selection of titles to devoted consumers in the country. This jurisdictional confirmation stands as an achievement for the company’s steadfast devotion to safer gambling, making sure they bring a safe platform for the Swedish player base to indulge in their gaming pursuits.

The CEO at Lady Luck Games, Mads Jørgensen mentioned:

The procurement of our Spelinspektionen license fills us with excitement as it opens the door for our advanced casino titles to enter the Swedish market. Such authorization is a clear indication of our devotion to ethical and safe gaming.

Julian Borg-Barthet, CCO at Lady Luck Games, remarked:

With great anticipation, we embrace the chance to satisfy our users in Sweden, showing a heartfelt greeting to all passionate users who admire our company. The procurement of the Swedish license paves the way for exciting development prospects, giving chance us to suggest one-of-a-kind practices to a broader user base. Our commitment remains steadfast in gradually elevating our titles, ensuring they are constantly enriched with a neoteric approach to attract and excite our users.

Lady Luck Games prioritizes the utmost dedication to user safety, ethical gaming, and adhering to regulatory norms. Lady Luck Games can currently delight Swedish users with its sought-after content. Offering a varied array of themed games, amazing tools, and attractive mechanics, the company strives to bring unwavering gaming practices.

Casino games cultivated by Lady Luck Games company are renowned for their exceptional gameplay practice and captivating animations, all crafted in high quality. The company, established in early 2019,...