Lady Luck Games now certified to work in the UK

  • Wednesday 30 November, 2022
Lady Luck Games now certified to work in the UK

ReelNRG, one of LL Lucky Games AB’s subsidiaries, is now licensed by the UKGC, allowing the group to offer its products in the jurisdiction.

Through the newly greenlit license both of LL Lucky Games AB’s development studios will get the ability to supply their offerings to their British associates using their own interfaces.

Obtaining a certification from the British gambling regulator is quite an achievement for iGaming developers, as the regulator is very stringent on its requirements and takes its job very seriously.

We are quite excited to have attained a certification from the United Kingdom’s Gambling Commission. This is quite important for us as the country is a major iGaming market that has a lot of potential. The license will enable numerous opportunities for us and our company, which we cannot wait to explore and take advantage of in the near future.

remarked the co-founder and the chief executive at LL Lucky Games AB, Mads Jorgensen.

Casino games cultivated by Lady Luck Games company are renowned for their exceptional gameplay practice and captivating animations, all crafted in high quality. The company, established in early 2019,...